Payment Options

Ah, online shopping - there’s no one on their phone or counting change in the checkout line. Here, checkout is quick and easy. You can choose to pay for your groceries online by VISA, MasterCard, American Express or using a Longo's Gift Card. Or, pay at your door upon delivery by credit card or Interac (debit). Longo's Gift Cards can not be used to pay at the door.

If you select credit card payment, your credit card will be charged on the day of delivery and you'll receive an email confirming your final order total. We'll also include a full, itemized receipt with your order. If your credit card has expired or is otherwise invalid, we'll be unable to complete your order and our Customer Care team will contact you prior to delivery.

Coupons & Promotional Codes

Currently, Grocery Gateway does not accept manufacturer’s or store coupons. However, you can sometimes find Grocery Gateway promotional codes in our email promotions. We also feature special pricing in our flyer. To ensure you receive promotions and savings flyers from us, make sure you opt-in to receive emails from Grocery Gateway. Simply go to “Edit Account” (under "My Account") and select from the options in “Email Notifications” to make sure you're receiving our promotional emails.

items that are sold by weight

You might see a price on your final order that’s a bit different from when you placed your order. Why? It was probably an item that needed to be weighed.

If your order contains an item that is sold by weight (for example, bananas), then the total amount listed for this item is estimated at checkout. We calculate this total by applying the price (for example, $1.50 per kg) to the average weight of the item (in the case of bananas, an average bunch may weigh 1kg).

When your personal shopper selects your items, they will weigh the bananas for the exact amount that you are purchasing (for example, a banana bunch that is 900g or 1.2kg). So, the final price of these items are determined at the time your order is packaged and, as a result, there may be a slight difference between your original total and the final amount invoiced.